West Hills Food Pantry is here for anyone in need.

Our organization primarily serves those who live in the West Hills Area. In addition to our bi-weekly food distribution (every other Tuesday 10–1) we also provide senior boxes, a coat drive in the fall, Christmas Shoppe, and pet food provided by Animal Friends.

What will happen when I get to West Hills Food Pantry?

When you drive up to our building, a volunteer will hand you a shopping list to fill out. After your park and fill out the form, please enter the building where a volunteer will take your shopping list and ask you to sign in.

If this is your first visit, please let us know so we can make the process as easy as possible for you. The sign in sheet will ask your name and the number of people in your household and a volunteer will take your information and complete the necessary paperwork. You will only have to go through the paperwork process once a year.

After checking in, volunteers will fill your order from the shopping list and bring those items to you. Volunteers are also available to help those who are in need of assistance take their groceries to their vehicle.

What Do I Need to Receive Food?

Anyone in need is able to visit our food pantry to receive food. There are no specific requirements at this time. Prior to receiving groceries for the first time, you will meet with a volunteer to provide personal information. This information is used for tracking purposes, and will not affect your eligibility.


We're Not Just a Food Pantry

We have teamed up with Animal Friends and Animal Advocates to provide food for local cats and dogs in need through their Chow Wagon program. So far we have provided several thousand pounds of dog and cat food (and an occasional toy) to our clients’ furry friends so that they can remain at home rather than in a shelter. The program has been a great success.

Each Easter, children receive treat bags.

Thanksgiving meal bags are assembled and given to every family. Each bag contains the items required to prepare a complete Thanksgiving meal. In addition the KDKA turkey fund gift card is also provided when available.

Annually, we collect new toys, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and gifts for all ages and present a “Christmas Shoppe” to our clients. Each client is able to “shop” free of charge for gifts for their children or other members of the household.

Who we are

In November of 1983, West Hills Food Pantry opened in Sharon Community Presbyterian Church. We are currently located in the Youth and Community Center on the church property. We help those in need in the West Hills area.

West Hills Food Pantry Board of Directors

  • Sandy Hershberger, Director
  • Val Carter, Treasurer
  • Sherri Von Stein, Secretary
  • Sue Capkovic
  • Todd Carter
  • Sue Karaffa
  • JoEllen Moyer
  • Karen McNees
  • Gary Springer