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522 Carnot Road, Moon Township, PA 15108

Tel: 412-262-4930


Tuesday: 10:00AM - 1:00PM


  • Christmas Toys: annually, we collect new toys, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and adult gifts and present a "Christmas Store" to our clients. Each client is able to "shop" free of charge for gifts for their children and family members. The Toy Store has been a great hit over past years. In addition we have been able to provide each of our clients with gift cards for Christmas shopping each year through the generosity of our community.
  • Special Food Items: food items that don't fit into our standard food categories, but are welcome donations, are accumulated over several weeks. They are then placed in a "mini store" where our clients can select items that are not normally available. This is always a week that people look forward to. In addition, we receive "little or not so little" surprises from Greater Pittsburgh Community Foodbank on occasion. For example; last summer we received hundreds of unannounced watermelons that we were able to provide to our clients. We never quite know what may come in the door; but we appreciate it all and so do our clients.
  • Animal Food: we have teamed with Animal Friends to provide food for local cats and dogs in need through their Chow Wagon program. So far we have provided several thousand pounds of dog and cat food (and an occasional toy) to our clients' furry friends so that they can remain at home rather than in a shelter. The program has been a great success.
  • Additional Resources: many of our volunteers have resources within the community that they call upon regularly to assist our clients with unique problems they may be facing.
  • Senior Gift Bags: students from Moon Middle School obtain holiday gifts for all of our senior clients and place them in hand decorated bags. Each of our senior citizens receives a special gift bag for Christmas.
  • Easter Treat Bags: each Easter, children receive treat bags and each family receives a gift card when available for their extra Easter shopping.
  • Thanksgiving: dinner bags and baskets are assembled and donated by the Coraopolis United Methodist Church and the Clearview Credit Union. Each contains the items required for a complete Thanksgiving meal. In addition, many families receive a $15.00 Gift Card sponsored by the annual KDKA turkey drive.
  • Christmas Dinner Bags: dinner bags are assembled at the food pantry. Each contains the items required for a Christmas dinner. Many families also receive a gift card to help with extra holiday shopping.

Not Only Food

The West Hills Food Pantry is funded entirely by the generosity of local businesses, individuals, corporations, organizations, schools, foundations and churches. We are able to purchase food at a reduced rate from the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank but require funding to do so. We rely on the donations of community members. We accept cash donations, donations of food in the form of canned goods and dry goods (with good expiration dates) and frozen foods.

Businesses can donate food that is not sold on a daily basis.  If you are a local area business and have product to donate, please contact us for pick up arrangements. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Cash donations are utilized for the purchase of food and supplies for our clients as well as operational expenses. Our organization is non profit and donations are tax deductible.

More About Us

We are a non-profit charitable organization that was organized in November of 1983 to help our friends and neighbors who were in need. We provide supplemental groceries to individuals and families. We are a member agency of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in Duquesne, PA. The West Hills Food Pantry is under the umbrella of the West Hills Ministerial Association and is governed by a Board of Directors made up of members of our community.

We serve the communities of Coraopolis, Moon Township, Neville Township, Groveton and Crescent Township.

We are located in the same parking lot as the Sharon Community Presbyterian Church.

West Hills Food Pantry is located just off University Blvd across from the intersection for Moon Clinton Road. If you are travelling from Coraopolis up University Blvd, proceed through the Carnot Intersection at Beaver Grade Road (the intersection with Walgreens and BP on your Right and K-Mart and Garzony's on your left). Just prior to the next light (approximately 2/8 mile) turn left into the parking lot of the Sharon Presbyterian Church. Drive behind the church and down the hill. The Food Pantry is located in the small white building next to the cemetery. The entrance is at the bottom of the asphalt driveway.

Board of Directors
Sandy Hershberger, Director
Val Carter, Treasurer
Sherri Von Stein, Secretary
Sue Capkovic
Todd Carter
Sue Karaffa
JoEllen Moyer
Karen McNees
Gary Springer
What Do I Need to Receive Food?

In order to qualify for supplemental food on a regular basis, you must meet income guidelines set forth by the government. You also must verify that you live within the service area of the West Hills Food Pantry. Our service area covers Coraopolis, Moon Township, Crescent Township, Groveton and Neville Township.

If you have them available, please bring proof of income, such as a pay stub or your checking account statement showing your social security or other direct deposit. If your income statement also shows your address that is all you need. Otherwise, please bring something that shows that you reside within our area. That can be a lease or a utility bill.

What Will Happen When I Get There?

First and foremost, YOU WILL BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST respect. When you drive up you will be handed a grocery list from which to choose items. This list has a number in the top corner. You will be asked to wait in your car until instructed to park by a volunteer. You can then enter the building. The wait depends on the time of the day. Typically the wait is a bit longer first thing in the morning. When you enter the building you can hand a volunteer at the door your grocery list and you will receive a corresponding number. You will then take a grocery cart and wait in line to be "signed in." Please inform someone that this is your first visit so we can make the process as easy as possible for you. You will sign a sheet that asks your name and the number of people in your household. They will then escort you to a table where you can meet privately with one of our volunteers who will take your information and complete the necessary paperwork. This typically only takes a few minutes. You can then "shop" for grocery items and incidentals while volunteers fill your order from the grocery list and bring you those items as well.  Volunteers are available to help those who are in need of assistance take their groceries to their vehicles. You will only have to go through the paperwork process once a year. Each additional week, you will simply sign in, complete your grocery list and receive your groceries.

Coronavirus Update

Eligibility requirements are being waived until further notice.
In order to ensure the safety of our volunteers and everyone involved we are operating on  a modified schedule.  We will reevaluate future weeks as we monitor the coronavirus situation and the advice from health agencies.
We are returning to our normal hours of operation and will open at 10 am.

Annual Coat Drive

West Hills Food Pantry will be holding its Annual Coat Drive on November 1, 2022. This is in addition to our regular food distribution. Gently used coats will be available for clients to choose from. All coats have been cleaned by Diane Cleaners.

!! Update to Distribution Plan !!

Updated 03/22/2022.

Beginning July 6th, the West Hills Food Pantry will return to indoor food distribution. We will maintain the bi-weekly schedule as listed on the website. The time will remain the same as well: 10 am - 1 pm.


Upon arrival you will be given a menu in your car to choose which items you would like.  You will then be asked to wait inside your car until a volunteer signals you inside the building.  After your order is filled you will be asked to exit the building and volunteers will be available to take your groceries to your car. We look forward to continuing to serve you in this altered capacity.


The above is subject to change in accordance with guidance from the CDC and PA Department of Health as well as the discretion of the food pantry board and volunteers. Please visit the website westhillsfoodpantry.org or call 412-262-4930 for any changes that may occur.

Open Dates

These are the upcoming dates that the food pantry is open:



May 2

May 16

May 30

June 13

June 27



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