Food Distribution Procedures - Give Food First

What Do I Need to Receive Food?

In order to qualify for supplemental food on a regular basis, you must meet income guidelines set forth by the government. You also must verify that you live within the service area of the West Hills Food Pantry. Our service area covers Coraopolis, Moon Township, Crescent Township, Groveton and Neville Township.

If you have them available, please bring proof of income, such as a pay stub or your checking account statement showing your social security or other direct deposit. If your income statement also shows your address that is all you need. Otherwise, please bring something that shows that you reside within our area. That can be a lease or a utility bill.

What Will Happen When I Get There?

First and foremost, YOU WILL BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST respect. You will enter the pantry and will receive a grocery list which has a number in the top corner. You will be asked to wait in an area which has some refreshments (typically coffee and cookies) until your number is called. The wait depends on the time of the day. Typically the wait is a bit longer first thing in the morning. When your number is called you will get in line to be "signed in." Please inform someone that this is your first visit so we can make the process as easy as possible for you. You will sign a sheet that asks your name and the number of people in your household. Someone at that table will highlight that number on your grocery list. They will then escort you to a table where you can meet privately with one of our volunteers who will take your information and complete the necessary paperwork. This typically only takes a few minutes. You will then select the grocery items you want to receive by circling them on the menu. Place your grocery list in the black file box on the desk in the waiting room. A volunteer will take the order, it will be filled and your number will be announced. When your number is announced go to the door where your groceries will be packed in a cart. Volunteers are available to help those who are in need of assistance to their vehicles with their groceries. We ask that carts be returned to the pantry immediately after placing your groceries in your car so that they may be used for other orders.

You will only have to go through the paperwork process once a year. Each additional week, you will simply sign in, complete your grocery list and receive your groceries.